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Staff Profile: Marie

Vital Stats

Name: Marie
Age: 30
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Website(s): get-fighted, straw-hat, zero-kiriyuu & rabanastre
Fanlistings owned: Located at .44 caliber [LOVELETTER]

Staff Duties

Staffer since: May 2007
Position: Senior Staffer
Current Categories: Characters N-Z (T)
Past Categories: Characters 0-M (A/T), Characters N-Z (A)
Other Duties: General Info/Queries, Staff Management

Short Biography

I'm just your average computer-geek, preparing for that inevitable dawn of the dead. Predisposed for a slight obsession with zombies, pirates and sometimes the occasional ninja, were my life a movie, it'd be a mix of Office Space and The Goonies (-sans the awesome adventure). I also like to talk in television & movie quotes - it's kinda my thing. How come we never play Night Crawlers anymore, huh?!


Anime/Manga: One Piece, Akuma de Sourou, Baccano!, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Bleach, Gravitation, Honey & Clover, Honey Hunt, Hot Gimmick, Junjou Romantica, Love Mode, NANA, Naruto, Nodame Cantabile, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Skip Beat!, Vampire Knight, X (X/1999), and you know, all the others I'm forgetting.

Manga-ka: Eiichiro Oda, Aihara Miki, Hino Matsuri, Kubo Tite, Ninomiya Tomoko, Odagiri Hotaru, Ougi Yuzuha, Takeuchi Naoko, Umino Chika, Yazawa Ai, Yoshiki Nakamura, plus many others, of course

Characters: Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), Portugas D. Ace (One Piece), Usopp (One Piece), Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach), Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto), Nara Shikamaru (Naruto), Kiriyuu Zero (Vampire Knight), Tenoh Haruka (BSSM), Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile), Noda Megumi (Nodame), Tsuruga Ren (Skip Beat!), Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat!), Usami Akihiko (Junjou Romantica), Kusama Nowaki (Junjou Romantica), and ectera, ectera.

Pairings: Haruka/Michiru (BSSM), Sanji/Nami (One Piece), Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach), Ren/Kyoko (Skip Beat!), Zero/Yuuki (Vampire Knight), Chiaki/Nodame (Nodame Cantabile), Wataru/Kazuki (Only the Ring Finger Knows), Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica), Usagi/Misaki (Junjou Romantica)

Goods I Collect: It is true: I am an action figure junkie. I also have a plethora of plushies, a fair assortment or artbooks, and more that a few doujinshi. My wallet weeps.

Actors/Actresses: Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Gale Harold, Hiroaki Hirata, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Morita Masakuza, Ryuhei Matsuda, Cillian Murphy, Bill Murray, Gary Oldman, Simon Pegg, Seth Rogen, Mayumi Tanaka, Kappei Yamaguchi

Books/Movies/TV Shows: Books: Harry Potter series, The Red Badge of Courage, Chuck Palahniuk's work TV Shows: Arressted Development, House, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: SVU, My Lovely Sam-soon, Queer as Folk, The Venture Brothers, X-Files Movies: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, The Goonies, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Reservoir Dogs, Shaun of the Dead - I'm a movie!whore, so the list is endless.

Musicians: UVERworld, 30 seconds to Mars, Alexisonfire, Anberlin, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Finch, Home Made Kazoku, OLIVIA, pigstar, Spitalfield, Suneohair, plus Classical Music like whoa.

Profile last updated January 16, 2017

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