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A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join.

The Anime Fanlistings Network is a directory comprised of anime and manga fanlistings.

Come and join our community!

Report A Fanlisting

Please use this form to report dead links, fanlistings that are not being regularly updated and fanlistings breaking the rules. The form will be sent to the staff member in charge of troubles for that category and that staff member will then look into the matter and take action where needed. This way, you can help us to keep the inactive fanlistings in the network to a minimum.

Please remember:

  • Use this form only to notify a staff member of a problem fanlisting! Reporting a fanlisting using this form does not count as an application for the fanlisting in trouble. You cannot apply for a fanlisting until it has been deleted from the network, nor can you ask a staff member to 'reserve' a fanlisting for you.
  • If the fanlisting that you wish to report belongs to you and you simply want to update your link, please use the update info instead.
  • Make sure this fanlisting isn't already on the troubles list! If it is, that means that the staffer in charge is already fully aware of all problems with that particular fanlisting, and you shouldn't report it as that would only cause unnecessary work for the staffer in question.
  • Please select the correct category from the drop-down menu. If the fanlisting is listed in more than one category, fill out this form for every category it's listed in.
  • Please submit only ONE fanlisting per form. If you have multiple fanlistings to report, fill out the form for each of them separately.
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
The URL to the fanlisting you wish to report:
The subject of the fanlisting:
The category the fanlisting is listed in:
What are you reporting it for?
Anything else we should know? (Please note: the more specifically you explain the problem to us, the sooner we'll be able to deal with it.)
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